Customer Support Specialist

Full Time 1Password
When we build 1Password, the first thing we consider is the people who use it every day. A large portion of our team is dedicated to helping new and existing customers get started, make sure bugs they encounter get fixed, or simply use the app more effectively in their daily lives.

For all of us here, building and supporting 1Password is a dream job. Caring for our customers is essential to our culture, and everyone here participates in customer support. As a Customer Support Specialist, you’ll be the first voice of 1Password someone has heard and the bridge between them and the development team. You’ll find yourself helping with a sign-in issue in the morning and trouble filling a website in the afternoon. We are, after all, quite an agile bunch, and we get excited about doing.

What you’ll do

  • Help new and existing users have a great experience with 1Password.
  • Send well-written responses to customers – around 60 a day when you’re up to speed.
  • Be the voice of our customers internally: see that the top issues and requests each week are heard by the development team.
  • Learn how we do support as a remote company, and make it even better with your voice.
  • Try new things: we’re agile, so new tools and ideas float around every few weeks.

What you have

  • Passion to help, love, and understand people, even the tough ones.
  • A knack for finding the cause of an issue, and the audacity to keep trying if you’re wrong.
  • Adaptive explanatory skills that get people to understand, not just hear, what you’re saying.
  • A personality that makes people smile and is delighted when they do.
  • Humility to ask for help when you aren’t sure about something.

What you might also have

  • Fluency in non-English languages. At the moment we’re looking for folks who are confident replying to our customers in German and Japanese.
  • Personal experience with 1Password.

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